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Touch All-in-one Machine Knowledge Introduction - Leaderhub

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Update Time : 2023-03-08
At present, with the rapid development of computer network display equipment, the touch all-in-one display has also been widely used in education and teaching due to its advantages of both pictures and text, and ease of use. We only need to touch the large-screen display with our fingers Images or texts, or direct handwriting can make the teaching content easy to carry out.
As an electronic technology product that integrates the three functions of liquid crystal display, ops computer, and precise touch control, the touch all-in-one machine can assist in the completion of various teaching tasks and greatly improve classroom efficiency. As long as the teacher opens the teaching software, the screen will immediately jump out of the simulated blackboard for teaching different courses. For example, there are electronic dictionaries for Chinese classes, four-line grids for English classes, and various geometric figures for math classes. With it, teaching is more convenient, and teachers no longer need to eat chalk dust.

Advantages of LCD touch all-in-one machine:
Convenience, practicality and efficiency are the core design concepts of Iboard touch all-in-one machines. Only with simple operation, practical functions and good effects can the efficiency of teaching and learning be improved. The integrated intelligent touch system is adopted, no rewiring is required, and the original classroom layout is not destroyed.
Compared with the traditional multimedia classroom, the touch all-in-one fully reflects the advanced nature of the whole system in terms of access mode and system control.


Wireless application is an inevitable trend of modern network technology application. Whether the multimedia classroom is compatible with the campus network and whether outdoor teaching resources can be used are the primary criteria for testing the scalability of the multimedia classroom. Iboard touch all-in-one machine includes network control function, which can be controlled by the teacher's handwritten computer, and can also be remotely controlled through the campus network to provide services for future development. Functions such as distance teaching, distance correction, distance class, distance question setting, distance conference, etc.

Working principle:
The LCD touch all-in-one machine uses an infrared touch screen, which uses the infrared matrix densely distributed in the X and Y directions to detect and locate the user's touch. Any touching object can change the infrared rays on the contacts to realize the touch screen operation. The infrared touch screen is not affected by current, voltage and static electricity, and is suitable for some harsh environmental conditions. Its main advantage is that since there is no capacitor discharge process, the response speed is faster than that of the capacitive type.
Multiple sizes —— LCD touch all-in-one PCs of various sizes bring different visual impacts to people.

Beautiful and stylish —— The shape and structure are professionally designed, made of high-grade materials and specially opened molds.

Dazzling interaction methods —— Designed by professional UI designers, incorporating interactive forms such as sliding, and a large number of 3D scenes.

Easy to install——Put the all-in-one machine in place and use it when it is powered on. Interactive content can be uploaded via SD card or wireless network.
Safe and durable - all devices are completely enclosed inside the all-in-one machine; the touch sensing unit perceives the user's operation through tempered glass without physical loss.
Interactive touch function
The touch all-in-one machine has a powerful interactive touch function, which integrates high-speed infrared touch screen technology. After connecting to the computer, you can use special software to control the computer to achieve interactive effects.

Multi-touch function

The touch all-in-one machine has a multi-touch function, which can be operated by multiple people at the same time, and supports magnification, dragging, and rotation of objects (objects can be pictures, PDF files, PPT files, etc.).

Calibration-free, driver-free function
The touch all-in-one machine supports the correction-free function, and users can directly load and play.

High definition LED screen
High brightness and high contrast make the color more vivid and vivid, and the picture is bright and moving. Character images are more realistic and impressive!

USB playback function
USB multimedia playback function, compatible with various playback modes including video, picture, MP3, etc., share videos, photos and music on the big screen, and enjoy the happy time brought by the interactive touch all-in-one machine.

multimedia function
The LCD touch all-in-one has rich multimedia interfaces: HDMI, USB, composite video, audio interface, etc., compatible with and easily connected to a variety of peripheral devices.

Three touch modes to choose from

It supports single-point touch, mouse control, and multi-point touch, and can be used by users in different environments for the best demonstration effect. This needs to be used together with the supporting software.

The teaching benefits brought by the touch all-in-one machine:
1. It can improve the teaching efficiency of teachers and enhance the planning of teaching. Using the LCD touch all-in-one computer for teaching, the teacher can display the content that originally needs to be written on the blackboard through the courseware, and can continue to supplement, modify, and improve during the use process. The saved courseware can be used repeatedly in different classes, which not only reduces the teacher's work intensity, but also improves the teacher's teaching efficiency and ensures the planning of teaching.
2. It can improve the teaching atmosphere in the classroom and enhance the interaction between teachers and students. Using the LCD touch all-in-one machine for teaching, the teacher can let different students take turns to perform on-stage operations. The teacher can also guide and explain during the answering process, and correct students' mistakes in time, so as to better stimulate learning interest and improve the classroom atmosphere. Enhance teacher-student interaction. For example, in an art class, students are required to be able to understand the shape and color of the bathroom. Students can easily apply the corresponding tools to change the shape and color to paint on the spot, and at the same time, they can make corrections and comparisons in time.

3. It can improve students' attention and enhance students' comprehension. In the process of reading teaching, the understanding of some key words and sentences can use the functions of sketching, dragging and dropping, taking pictures, pulling the screen, and searchlights of the touch all-in-one machine, so that students can quickly focus on them. In the process, students' comprehension of reading is improved.

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