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How To Clean A Whiteboard - Leaderhub Whiteboard
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How To Clean A Whiteboard - Leaderhub Whiteboard

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Update Time : 2023-03-17
Dust, fingerprints and unsightly scratches on the screen can affect the use of your computer monitor. Since the display is made of a special plastic that can be easily scratched by rough cleaners or chemicals, use a mild cleaner. Shenzhen Leaderhub Technology Co.,Ltd shows you how to clean your whiteboard without causing any damage.

Clean the whiteboard display safely
1. Turn off your monitor. This makes it easier to see dust and dirt, and it's all safer for the whiteboard display. If you clean the monitor while it is on and may damage the monitor. Although the risk is small, but if you clean the monitor while it is open may be a risk of electric shock.
2. Clean the case. You can use a spray cleaner or a cleaning cloth with a mild cleaning solution to wipe the casing around the screen. The casing is made of durable plastic, so if you need to remove some dirt then you can rub hard.
Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the case as you may accidentally spray it on the screen, and some may run into the crevices. Clean the base of the monitor, the buttons, and the back of the monitor. You can use a cloth wrapped around your finger or a toothpick to clean the crevices or corners. If the monitor has wires connected to the CPU or power supply, unplug these and clean them well.
3. Wipe the whiteboard display  with a clean, soft cloth. Microfiber cloth is more effective. This type of anti-static cloth has threads left on the screen and is soft enough not to scratch the surface. Use this type of cloth to remove any visible dust, dirt and grime. Do not wipe the screen with towels, paper products or other rough cloths. This will leave cotton fibers and may cause scratches. Disposable dusting cloths, such as Swiffer cloths, also work well. Do not press hard on the screen or wipe hard. You may damage the screen and discolor it when you turn it on. If your screen is very dirty, you can rinse it or get a different cloth. Gradually and gently clean.
4. Avoid using products containing ammonia and acetone. These substances will easily damage your whiteboard display, especially the anti-glare screen. Use ordinary water when wiping the screen as much as possible. Purchase a professional screen cleaning solution. Check your owner's manual to make sure it is safe for your monitor. You can also make your own mild cleaner by mixing water and equal parts white vinegar. Dip a cleaning cloth into some of the cleaners (not too wet). You can also mix an equal dose of vodka or isopropyl alcohol as another cleaner. Try to wipe with a cloth dipped in the liquid, do not pour the liquid directly on the monitor to prevent it from running into the crevices. Do not use soap, or there will be residue.
5. Use the screen cleaning cloth. This is more convenient and is specifically for the monitor. Make sure they are suitable for anti-glare screens. When picking a brand, you can read some reviews online or ask the salesman.
6. For some stubborn stains, you can gently wipe the screen. Gently wipe the stain in a circular motion, whether it is a sticky food residue, ink or something else. Don't wipe too hard. Be patient, the stain may require a few minutes of soaking in the cleaner to completely remove it. You can dip a cloth into some cleaner and leave it on the stained area for a while. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the screen. When the stain has been cleaned, wipe it again with a dry cloth.

7. Be sure to wait until it is thoroughly dry before opening the whiteboard display. This will prevent moisture from getting into the whiteboard display summary causing damage to the machine as well as preventing electric shock.

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