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Functions and functions of interactive whiteboard
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Functions and functions of interactive whiteboard

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Update Time : 2022-07-25

The interactive whiteboard can communicate with the computer, and use the projector to project the content on the computer onto the electronic whiteboard screen. With the support of special applications, a large screen and interactive teaching environment can be constructed. Using a specific positioning pen to replace the mouse to operate on the whiteboard, you can run any application program, edit, annotate, save files, etc., and use the keyboard and crystal mark on the computer to achieve any operation.

Functions of interactive whiteboard

1. Local amplification function

Because the general blackboard, screen and whiteboard are not particularly large, and there are many students in the class, a very practical problem is that the students sitting behind can't see the pictures or words on the screen and whiteboard clearly. On the interactive whiteboard, the teacher can easily take a magic pen to draw a box (one stroke) in the part that needs to be enlarged, and this part of the content will be enlarged immediately, so that the students behind can see it clearly.

2. Storage function

One of the features of the interactive whiteboard is that the content of the whiteboard can be stored. Any text written on the whiteboard, any graphics drawn on the whiteboard or inserted, and any pictures dragged onto the whiteboard can be saved to the hard disk or mobile storage device for the next class, the next academic year or other classes, Or share with other teachers: it can also be distributed to students in electronic format or in printed form for students to review after class or for mid-term, final and even mid-term examination. This not only greatly improves the efficiency of classroom learning, but also helps students realize the accurate recognition of knowledge after class.

3. Searchlight function

Using the searchlight function of the interactive whiteboard can highlight the key and difficult points. For example, biology teaching in junior middle school is mainly aimed at middle school students in grades 7 and 8. They have strong curiosity, but at the same time, they do not have good self-control ability, and their attention is easy to be distracted. Therefore, teachers should try their best to make the classroom lively and interesting, in addition to starting from the design of teaching links and teachers' personal cultivation, Some novel or empty things in the classroom can also effectively attract students' intentional attention, so as to stimulate their interest, so that their attention can be condensed in the classroom, so as to improve the efficiency of junior high school biology classroom teaching.

4. Editing and annotation functions

For the courseware that has been made, teachers can control and annotate the original courseware in the annotation mode of whiteboard, and even annotate some animation and video files to carry out detailed explanation, so as to better guide students to grasp the important information on courseware, animation and video. The use of interactive whiteboard can introduce various types of digital resources in a timely, convenient and flexible manner, and can flexibly edit, organize, display and control multimedia materials.

For example, in the process of playing videos and animations, certain explanations and text annotations are needed to complete the teaching. In the past, in the process of courseware making, teachers need to use video processing software to add words and mark the videos, which virtually increases the difficulty of teachers' lesson preparation. Using the interactive whiteboard, teachers can sketch and annotate videos and animation pictures at will. Therefore, they can directly use dry biology classroom teaching with simple editing or no processing of the captured videos. This greatly reduces the burden and technical difficulty of teachers' lesson preparation, while effectively attracting students' intentional attention, thereby increasing the efficiency of video and animation viewing and improving students' learning efficiency.

5. Playback function

Using the playback function of the interactive whiteboard, the previous operation process can be played back any number of times, which is very useful in the teaching process. Because when teaching, teachers usually talk about it once, but some key points and difficulties can't be explained once to some students. Teachers can use the playback function of interactive whiteboard to replay this process many times, and students can choose whether to study again according to their own learning situation, which can not only reduce the workload of teachers, but also meet the needs of students at different levels and achieve the purpose of layered teaching, So that students at all levels can be developed accordingly, so that junior high school biology classroom teaching is more effective.

6. Drawing function

The interactive whiteboard comes with a variety of graphics and biological instrument diagrams, which is convenient for the design of junior high school biological experiments and students' participation in the learning process of junior high school biological experiments. For example, when exploring the experiment that the respiration of plant seeds consumes carbon dioxide, it is necessary to draw the experimental equipment such as jar, funnel, conical flask, airway, soybean seeds, etc. needed for the biological experiment on the interactive whiteboard. Because the operation is simple and the students are very interested, they asked two students to draw the experimental design on the whiteboard, and then asked two students to make corrections. In this way, students will get an opportunity to practice and participate, which fully reflects the new curriculum concept of interaction and participation. The function of media depends on the application of teaching strategies to a great extent. With the improvement and enrichment of media technology, teaching strategies have more flexibility and effectiveness.

Role of interactive whiteboard

1. Optimized teaching methods

In traditional teaching activities, teachers basically write on the blackboard and students watch. The best condition is that the projector is connected to the computer and projected onto the screen for students to watch. However, the teacher has to operate the computer and talk at the same time. It is very inconvenient and inconvenient, and there is even a lack of connection in the middle, which makes the teacher lack enthusiasm in teaching and the students are not interested in listening to the class: however, using electronic whiteboard teaching, The teacher operates the whiteboard just like directly operating the computer. He can also use the whiteboard as an ordinary blackboard, and the electronic courseware in the electronic whiteboard can also be called out for teaching. Various operations make the teacher's teaching more comfortable, so that the class is no longer busy and boring.

2. Enriched the teaching content

The use of electronic whiteboard allows teachers to flexibly call electronic courseware. Video, audio, animation and images can become the materials for teachers' teaching. It is no longer a single blackboard book and book teaching materials. The use of different forms of courseware can easily explain some abstract and difficult knowledge points, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and other convenient contents.

3. Enlivened the classroom atmosphere

Many students are interested in teaching on the traditional inner board. On the teacher's podium, students bow their heads to read, lack hand interaction, and lack passion, which makes students sleepy. The classroom atmosphere is dull: the use of electronic whiteboard, students' attention is focused on the whiteboard, and the dynamic effect and image display of book content on it make students learn more actively and actively, which greatly improves the quality of teaching. In addition to these functions, the statistical function and voting function of the electronic whiteboard can let teachers understand the learning status of students and know which knowledge points are not very practical: the storage function can store the operation process for teachers to reflect, share, exchange and laugh after class. It can be said that the emergence and application of the electronic whiteboard is a major breakthrough and change in teaching activities. With the use of the electronic whiteboard, The teaching quality of the school and the learning efficiency of students will be greatly improved.

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