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Features And Advantages Of Teaching Touch All-in-one Machine

Features And Advantages Of Teaching Touch All-in-one Machine

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Update Time : 2023-02-28
The emergence of the teaching all-in-one machine has reformed the traditional teaching model. The all-in-one machine stimulates students' strong interest in learning, enriches their imagination and improves their ability to read aloud. Touch all-in-one machine as an input device, the touch screen used has many advantages such as robustness, fast response time, space-saving and easy communication. Users can quickly get the information they want by gently touching the screen with their fingers, thus making human-computer interaction more straightforward.

The multimedia teaching environment is developed on the basis of conventional e-learning and computer equipment, teaching, academic reports, meetings, comprehensive seminars, demonstrations and exchanges and remote teaching, remote paper correction, remote classes, remote questions, remote meetings, and other functions. Through the touch function, it can better meet the comprehensive requirements of academic reports, meetings, academic exchanges, multimedia lectures, on-site teaching and distance education, etc., with an intelligent management system and good audio and video effects; it can better meet the requirements of comprehensive presentations, seminars and live broadcasts through various resources such as slides, projection films, multimedia courseware, videotapes, DVD/SVCD/VCD, physical materials, etc., with good visual effect, improve the strength and image of the school.
Features of the teaching all-in-one machine.

1、Teaching all-in-one machine adopts liquid crystal (LCD) and other large flat displays to achieve high-quality picture, with the advantages of low power consumption, low radiation, no flicker, no dazzling, anti-vibration, anti-interference, small size, lightweight, energy saving, large display and interaction area, etc.
2, teaching all-in-one machines using ergonomic and aesthetic principles of design models, beautiful and generous, extremely modern atmosphere. Streamline all-in-one forming machine cabinet, simple and comfortable operation; high-quality cold-rolled steel plate material, the overall all-steel structure; surface full metal baking paint process, thoroughly moisture-proof, rust-proof, acid-proof, suitable for a variety of different environmental use; cabinet contains power control system, stereo audio system, external ATX host switch, high-performance axial fan, stable and reliable performance.
3、Touch screen positioning is accurate, the mouse does not drift, is easy to install, beautiful appearance and reduced power consumption.
4、High economy With it, multimedia teaching is carried out anywhere and anytime. Only one device is needed to meet the needs of multimedia teaching! It is a new generation of high-tech alternative products that all schools can afford to buy and use.
5, high utilization With it, your multimedia teaching from now on into the "multimedia students" era, the device fully embodies the new characteristics of resource sharing, solve the problem of low utilization of today's equipment or equipment is not enough or arbitrarily used in any classroom, students can also participate in the whole process of multimedia teaching.

The advantages of teaching touch one machine.
1. Practicality. Convenient, practical and efficient is the core design concept of intelligent multimedia classroom solutions. Only simple operations, practical functions and good results can enhance the efficiency of teaching and learning. The program construction volume is small, the construction cycle is short. The use of integrated intelligent touch and Bluetooth wireless amplification system, no rewiring, do not destroy the original classroom pattern.
2. Advanced. Compared with the traditional multimedia classroom program, the integrated intelligent touch control and Bluetooth wireless amplification system fully reflects the advanced nature of the entire system, whether in the access mode or in the system control.
3. Extensibility. Wireless application is the inevitable trend of modern network technology application, multimedia classrooms can be compatible with the campus network, can call outdoor teaching resources is the primary criterion to examine the scalability of the multimedia classroom. Intelligent multimedia classroom solutions include network control functions, through the teacher's handwriting computer control, but also through the campus network to achieve remote control for future development.

4. Handwriting convenience. Teachers can use handwriting to create classroom materials with a mixture of handwritten text and graphics. This input method is in line with teachers' handwriting habits, which greatly saves preparation time. The application of teaching an all-in-one machine solves the drawbacks of the traditional teaching mode from the practical point of view, which really takes students as the main body and better develops students' creative thinking ability.

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