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Benefits of Interactive Flat Plane Displays in the Classroom
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Benefits of Interactive Flat Plane Displays in the Classroom

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Update Time : 2022-08-10

Increased Interaction & Collaboration

Interactive flat plane displays support active learning through student engagement opportunities and creating a more efficient classroom for teachers and administrators. Showing videos and slides can be enhanced to allow students to become involved in the learning process. By providing these newer and increased numbers of activities, teachers facilitate active learning. Multi-touch capabilities let groups of students edit and experience onscreen content as a team and brainstorm. Students can experiment and demonstrate their results to the rest of the class.

Better Student Engagement

Students in classes that utilize Leaderhub interactive flat panel are often more engaged and more attentive. This benefit is seen at all levels of education, along with improvements to participation, motivation, and cooperation.

Enhanced Support for All Learning Styles

Lessons that allow students to use the board let kinesthetic learners be active by standing up and moving while learning. Videos and multimedia presentations are great for visual and auditory learners. Teachers can capture and save notes written on the screen to send to students who learn from reading. This support creates an opportunity for learning at home or at one’s own pace. Assistive technology built into interactive displays can help students with special needs by displaying captions, text highlighters, and using text to speech software.


Interactive displays offer effective and trackable feedback. When students receive more feedback, the learning environment is improved. By providing timely and consistent feedback, students learn at a faster rate.

Classroom Management

Leaderhub Interactive flat panel displays help keep classes productive and focused. When students are more engaged, they are less likely to become disruptive. Fun and dynamic lessons, when created effectively, fascinate students and gain attention.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the most important aspects when building touchscreens. This user-friendly focus does not require concentration compared to a keyboard and mouse setup. Interactive displays should not require any training other than using the software and tools that come with each unit.


Like most work, speed is relative to the task at hand. Teachers using these devices are looking for efficiency in their lesson instruction. Traditional mouse and keyboards are a quick click-and-drag but the accuracy of clicks is improved with a stylus. Using a finger on a touch screen display affects this accuracy and may result in a delay of lessons if a mistake is made and needs to be corrected.
Is the learning environment improved?
Everyone can agree, Leaderhub interactive flat panel screen displays create a fun classroom. Teachers draw students’ attention and overall students are more engaged. This makes a cohesive classroom. Through active learning and support for all learning styles, teachers can incorporate new lesson activities, including games, video, and active discussions with on-screen annotations. These displays are easy to use, do not require hardware training, and are easy to implement. So the question is not, “how are interactive flat panel displays beneficial,” the question is how soon can we implement these into our classroom.

Leaderhub interactive flat panel displays are one of the technologies that provide benefits to your classroom.

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