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6 Reasons for Higher Educators Should Invest in a Leaderhub Smartboard
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6 Reasons for Higher Educators Should Invest in a Leaderhub Smartboard

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Update Time : 2022-09-26
With all the changes that higher education has witnessed in the past couple of years, professors and TAs need a better way to communicate with their students, and to be able to do so in a way that fits everyone’s busy schedules. Students may not be able to make it to campus due to inclement weather, illness, or be a permanent remote student. Leaderhub Smartboards can help all classes communicate more effectively, whether they’re in-person or online.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing a smartboard for your college or university, or looking to gain buy-in from administrators, here are 6 great reasons why your institution should invest in a smartboard

Digital whiteboards increase student engagement

It’s no secret that today’s students live in a digital world. When given a break in class, how many phones immediately pop out? The same is true when students return home for the day. Given this knowledge, using the same tools and apps in class that students regularly interact with and enjoy using can only help keep their attention.

Smartboards help reach all learners

As an educator, you understand how many diverse learning types exist in each classroom. The beauty of a smartboard is that it can be used to teach all learning styles. The same goes for those who learn best from visuals. Instead of being limited to reading or listening to someone talk about a complex science process, educators can show a video in class that provides a more tangible explanation. A smartboard also allows those who need to do something to actually learn it, the opportunity to interact with the board by touch or stylus.

Lesson planning improvement

While a smartboard has the potential to greatly assist students in the learning process, it offers educators significant benefits as well. Smartboards enable educators to prepare lessons that provide a better learning experience for their students. With their boards, educators can create graphs, charts, and images to give more engaging presentations, provide visual models and demonstrations for further understanding, develop interactive learning activities and exercises, and even assist in class organization and management.

Saves in-class time

Educators are incredibly busy. Who wouldn’t love a tool that can help you save time? On a smartboard you can write notes and draw diagrams ahead of time instead of wasting precious class time at the blackboard. Rather than searching for multiple tools in separate locations, a smartboard provides you with access to all the resources and apps you need for your class in one place. In addition, a smartboard can save time outside the classroom as well. The ability to save lessons and class notes means that you can easily use material again without having to re-create them, and gives you the ability to then transfer those items to a learning management system that allows students to access them when studying for tests and exams.

A Movable Resource

Unlike many tech tools used in the classroom, Leaderhub interactive flat panel can also be easily moved from one room to another. Leaderhub offers a portable stand that’s easy to set up and even easier to move around the classroom or to other rooms or lecture halls in the school, giving you the option to use the smartboard for larger student presentations, professional development events, and other school assemblies.

Improved education Development
Leaderhub Smartboard in the classroom provides students with a technology they recognize, and educators with an invaluable teaching resource. It provides greater opportunities for collaboration, both in-person and remotely, and invites stronger engagement and interaction with lessons. Smartboards have the potential to save teachers, instructors, and professors precious time that could be used to help students achieve their academic goals. 
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